Save Strokes on Hillside Lies

Updated: September 5, 2012
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Many Golfers struggle with hillside lies for a couple of reasons. Either they fail to make solid contact with the ball or they lose balance during the shot. Apply these 4 tips to help you save strokes on hillside lies.

With side hill and downhill lies, the tendency is to lean into the hill during the swing.

This will result in inconsistent shots; and you end up hitting fat or thin shots. When you make clean contact on hillside lies, you’ll hit the golf ball straighter and save strokes.

The key to this shot is making sure your shoulders match the hill’s slope, which you can do with a simple adjustment of your front foot.

Below are 4 golf swing tips to making clean contact with hillside lies:

1. Start with club selection

a. An uphill lie will cause your shot to have more loft in your golf shot, so you need to choose a less lofted golf club.

b. With a downhill lie there will be less loft from your golf shot, so you will need to use a more lofted club.

2. Next you will need to adjust where you position the golf ball in your stance

a. When playing an uphill lie you want to play the ball forward in your stance an inch or two.

b. With a downhill lie you need to play the ball in the middle or a bit further back in your stance.

3. Flare your downhill foot to even out your stance 

This will put the ball at the bottom of your swing.  This will sidehill2 photokeep you from hitting the ball fat or thin.  Flaring your foot will also give you more freedom of movement in your backswing and will help you maintain your balance.

4. Finally, match your shoulders to the slope of the hill and take a normal swing

The adjustments you made in preparing for the shot will allow you to hit your golf shot squarely.

Don’t let a hillside shot throw you. Next time you are faced with a hillside shot, try these 4 golf swing tips to help you save strokes on hillside lies.


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  1. golf

    September 5, 2012 at 22:51

    The tips you have posted here is really great and helpful, thank you

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