4 Proper Golf Swing Tips

Updated: October 6, 2011
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4 free golf tips proper golf swing 300x262 photoGolfers seem to have an unlimited supply of golf swing advice. When reading golf magazines, they are full of tips for a proper golf swing.

I have found that while all the tips for improving your golf swing have been offered with the best intentions, in most cases these free golf tips have only confused the issue.

Amateur golfers tend to have problems with hitting long irons and their driver. This can be attributed to a few key factors in your golf swing.

Here are 4 tips for a proper golf swing that I focus on and have helped me and should help you improve your golf swing too.

1) Form – When I talk about form, I am addressing proper setup and balance. If your stance and balance is off, then you will never have a consistent repeatable golf swing. This will cause you to mishit golf shots. Make sure you have good form when addressing the golf ball to develop a more consistent golf swing.

2) Rhythm – All golfers have different golf swing speed (tempo) to their swings. Timing in golf swing is paramount to developing a smooth, powerful swing that generates maximum power at impact.

The backswing should start slowly and unhurried. Your backswing should take twice as long as your downswing.

3) Weight Shift – Proper weight shift is an absolute must.  The backswing starts with the arms and upper body.  The downswing starts with the shifting of your weight from the right side of your body to the left (the weight shift will be from left side to right for left handed golfers).

How to improve weight transfer on golf swing is to make sure that your weight shift starts with the left hip.  This is followed by the straightening of the left leg and planting of the left heel.

Your upper body will uncoil as your left hip moves slightly laterally and the turns out of the way.  This action will clear the left side and eliminate blocking your shot and miss-hitting the golf ball.

4) Follow Through – Completing your swing is very important.  If you have shifted your weight properly, your arms will drop to the inside as the club head returns to the golf ball.  Your club will return to your starting point with the club head in the same position as when you started your swing.  As you follow through your body will naturally rotate and when you complete your swing your chest should be facing your target.

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  1. Brenda

    July 6, 2010 at 07:54

    I never understood how my downswing is supposed to start with my hip…this is the first time that the shifting of my weight has been explained where it makes sense! Thank you!

  2. John | Power Golf Balls

    July 8, 2010 at 17:40

    Nice article!

    I find that by concentrating on my follow-through, the swing takes care of itself – like you say, if you practice getting the club right round to the point where you’re facing the target, your ball striking should be more aligned with your body.
    Also, a very simple point, but often forgotten, is to keep your head down and eyes on the ball right through the swing – a critical part of the swing which a lot of golfers (including myself) sometimes forget.

    By the way, really nice website!

    All the best,


  3. Stanford Angerman

    July 16, 2010 at 20:46

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