4 Ways to Improve Your Golf Swing

Updated: January 28, 2013
Improve your Shot 2

by Jay A. Jenkin

Every golfer is always trying to improve his or her swing. Altering slight details in your swing can mean the difference between creating bad habits and good habits. It is easy to get into a groove with golf and take every shot the same way. Try to come at the game with an amateur perspective; building your swing from the ground up so that it is the best you can make it. Once you have a prototype of a good swing you can begin to improve on it. Here is how:


1. With your feet parted at shoulder-width, stand with a slight bend in your upper back, keeping your head down. Gripping your club of choice, place one hand above the other, interlock the pinky finger of the lower hand with the index finger of the upper hand, and tighten your grip. If you play right-handed, your right hand should be the lower hand. Look to see if an “imaginary line” would cross your shoulders and point at the pin on the green. Turn and replant your feet in order to take better aim.

2. With your head pointed downward keep your eye on the ball. When performing your backswing it is important to remember to not lift your head or swing your hips. The power of the drive is within your shoulders and torso. You do not want to shift this force to any other part of your body.

3. When the club is above your head in the backswing motion you are ready to swing through and hit the ball. Do not move your head or raise your upper body lest you “top” the ball, resulting in bad shot. Swing the club through with a firm stroke but do not try to hit the ball as hard as you can. Let the club do the grunt work; that is what it is designed to do. The ball is designed, with all those small dimples, to fly further and straighter through the air.

4. Make sure to follow through, keeping a relaxed stance and posture. If you are playing right handed be sure to rotate your right foot up onto the toe while keeping your left foot firmly planted forward. This motion helps control the ball and gives you better command of your shot, whether you want to hit the ball soft or hard.

Remember the details and alter them slightly where need be. It takes patience and effort to design your perfect swing but in time, it will come about. Practicing these steps will prepare you for lowering your score and shooting onto the green sooner.


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