5 Free Tips for Playing Out of the Deep Rough

Updated: April 5, 2013
Fade or Draw

Playing out of the deep rough is one of the hardest shots in golf.  There are so many variables depending on the lie that it is hard to predict how your shot will turn out.

Playing out of the deep rough is difficult but there are some adjustments you can make to control the affects that it may have on your shot.

Here are 5 free golf tips you can use when playing out of the deep rough:

  1. Club Selection – Choosing the right club in any situation is important, but it is even more important when playing these shots.

If the grass is growing away from the target, take one more club than you would normally play for the distance if you were in the fairway. Be sure to position the ball a little further back in your stance.

If the grass is growing towards your target, then take one less club than normal.

2. Stand closer to the ball – Standing closer to the golf ball will help you swing the golf club more vertically. This will get the golf club in and out of the grass more quickly, reducing the overall effect the grass will have on your golf club.

3. Open the club face – You are not going to be able to completely stop the grass from grabbing the hosel which will cause the club face to close.  By opening the club face some you will be able to help offset the effect the grass will have on the golf club.

4. Grip the club tighter – We have been taught that having a light grip on the club allows for a more fluid swing.  The opposite is true when playing a shot out of the deep rough.

Because the grass will grab and twist the golf club during the downswing, having a tighter grip on the golf club is imperative to minimize the effect.

5. Cock your wrists – When playing out of the deep rough, you want to come down sharply to reduce the amount of time the club face is in contact with the grass before striking the golf ball.

Playing out of the deep rough is never an easy.  Next time you find yourself facing one of these tough shots, try these 5 free golf tips.

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One Comment

  1. Brenda

    August 17, 2010 at 20:53

    Very helpful tips! Standing closer to the ball and keeping the club face open made a big difference for me. Thank you!

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