5 Tips to Hit A Draw and Eliminate Your Slice

Updated: October 26, 2011
Golf Tips - Hit a Draw

Most golfers are plagued with hitting a slice, especially with the Driver. This is a struggle that many never overcome. They just try and work with it by aiming further to the left or for some; they just stop using the driver.

If you are struggling with this problem, then you are going to love these 5 golf tips on how to hit a draw and eliminate your slice.

1.) Start by playing the ball a little further back in your stance. This will allow you to hit the ball sooner in your downswing before your body has had a chance to open. When the golf ball is farther back in your stance, you’ll hit the ball sooner while your club head is moving on an Inside to Outside path. This will help put right to left spin on the ball creating a draw.

2.) Use a stronger grip. By simply turning your hands slightly to the right with your grip will help you to rotate the club through the ball easier, promoting a draw. A stronger grip allows you to release the golf club easier at impact. You’ll actually have a little more power to fire through with a strong grip.

3.) Your swing path should be more inside to out. With your downswing, you want to feel your arms swing down more from the inside and then the club will travel more out after you’ve made contact the ball. This puts a right to left spin on the ball which will result in a draw.

4.) During your downswing, keep your back to the target a little longer as you swing down. This will promote more of an inside path as you approach the golf ball at impact.

5.) Close your stance a little by turning a bit to the right of target. Align your club along the target line where you want the ball to end up. By doing this you will swing the club more from inside to out.

Hitting a draw is beneficial for several reasons. You will get a little more distance with your shots. You tend to get more roll off the tee, which in turns will allow you to play less club into the green.

Try these 5 golf tips and stop compensating for your slice and start playing a draw.


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