6 Tips on How To Improve Your Putting

Updated: October 2, 2011
6 Free Golf Tips | Improve Your Putting

One of the most embarrassing things to any golfer is missing that short putt for birdie or par. What I have found is that most of the time this is caused by not accelerating through the putt. It is an easy habit to get into and ends up costing you strokes.

Hitting a solid putt whether it is from 40 feet or four feet is no different than hitting a full shot from the tee or fairway. You must accelerate your swing through the entire shot. Many bad things will happen when you decelerate the club head on either.

If you’re missing a lot of short putts, you may be failing to accelerate the putter through the stroke. Some would suggest that you need to change your grip or your stance. You see players on tour make these changes all the time, but is this an adjustment that we need to make.

To me it seems as though there is really only a few things we need to be concerned about with putting.

1. Are you reading the putt correctly?
2. Is Your alignment correct?
3. Are You accelerating through the putt?
4. Are You keeping Your head down through the putt?

Any of these can cause you to miss putts. If you feel that none of these are issues for you, then it might be time to experiment with a different grip or even a different type of putter.

Before changing the way you putt, here are 6 free golf tips for improving your putting.6 free golf tips improve your putting 300x199 photo

1. Review Your Putt from multiple angles.
2. Pick a spot a short distance down your line to focus on, rather than the cup.
3. Keep your hands ahead of the ball.
4. Minimize excessive wrist movement.
5. Accelerate through the putt.
6. Hold the finish for a couple of seconds.

Before making huge changes to your putting, try spending some time practicing these basics.

There are more strokes lost on the green than there are from tee to green.

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