6 Tips to Help You Play Golf More Consistently

Updated: April 2, 2013
Putting skills

Playing Consistent golf is one of those things that many golfers only dream of.  Most amateur golfers only have so many hours for the game of golf.

All too often we have to sacrifice playing time for practice time. It is a real balancing act when it comes to improving our game.

So how do you go about playing consistent golf without giving up a lot of playing time?

One of the mistakes I think amateur golfers have a tendency to do is to try to develop a perfect golf swing rather than a consistent golf swing.

There are a couple of flaws in that approach. The first is although there may be a perfect swing, the likeliness of achieving it and maintaining it is unrealistic. Secondly, the perfect swing may not be the best swing for your game.

Make the time that you put into practicing your golf game effective. When you practice, spend less time on the things that you do well and more time on the shots that need work. For instance, if you have a strong short game and your week off the tee then spend 80% of your time at the driving range on improving your tee shots and only 20% of your time on your short game.

You will improve your golf scores and lower your handicap, if you follow these six simple tips.

  1. Take the time to develop a pre-round strategy. Review the golf course and map out how you want your round to play out.  Break the round down into smaller 3 hole mini rounds.
  2. Develop a pre-shot routine.  Put your mind to visualizing the shot you are about to play. Follow the same steps in preparing to take your shot and your subconscious will take over naturally.
  3. Adopt the right swing thoughts. Forget about that missed opportunity or poor swing. Everyone has a bad shot or putt from time to time. Put your mind at ease by not trying to make up for it with the next shot.
  4. Know your distances. Don’t fall trap to trying to get another 5 yards out of the club in your hand. If the shot you are going to play is in between clubs, go to the longer club, and choke down a bit and take a relaxed swing.
  5. Work on your short game. You will take more shots from inside 150 yards in a given round then you will hitting your driver.  Develop a strong short game and watch your scores go down.
  6. Avoid those disastrous three putts. Spending quality time on the practice green is one of the most important and easiest ways to become more consistent. Knowing how to lag a putt from 40 feet to inside three feet will eliminate those dreaded three putts.

Yes, all golfers can play more consistent golf by just following these six tips.  Why not take some time to work on the things that will help you the most.  Stop worrying about the perfect swing and start putting lower scores on your golf card.

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