Hydration – Are You Getting Enough Water?

Updated: April 1, 2013

One of the aspects that many people fail to address on the golf course is remaining hydrated.

For many reasons, golfers fail to drink enough water to remain sufficiently hydrated and correspondingly their quality of play suffers.

Whether it is due to the inconvenience of needing to go to the bathroom, or the fact that most people just don’t even think about drinking enough water when they are playing, it is a fact that your game will suffer if you become, even slightly, dehydrated.

You don’t need to consume gallons of water, but you do need to drink sufficient to maintain the correct balance of fluids in your body.

The hotter the climate where you are playing, the more likely you will need to address this issue, as you will be losing a lot more moisture from your body when playing in hot conditions.

It’s quite simple to carry a water bottle around with you and get in the habit of taking a small sip before or after each time you take a shot.

One of the first areas to suffer from dehydration will be your mind – the way you think and concentrate.

Your levels of concentration will diminish rapidly as you lose hydration and as golf is a ‘mind game’ as much as anything else, you can expect your ability to play well to diminish accordingly.

You might find that the illusive handicap you have been shooting for and never quite achieved is actually ‘sipping’ not slipping away from you.

Yes – I said sipping because having regular sips of water as you play your round of golf might be all that you need to lift your game play to the next level.

I have seen it happen many times when people just weren’t aware that they were lacking hydration.

Once they addressed the problem their scores improved – some quite dramatically.

Make sure you drink plenty of water when you are on the golf course.

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