Can Golf GPS Systems Improve Your Game

Updated: April 13, 2011

Golf GPS Systems Improve Your Game

Golf GPS Systems are a new way to give you an advantage while out on the course.

golflogix gps 8 photoGolf GPS (Global Positioning System) units help golfers accurately measure distances between various places on the golf course.  Golf GPS Systems can provide a variety of information.

The number of courses you can access is nearly unlimited and it is amazing to know that you will always have the yardage you need.

GPS hand held rangefinder units have revolutionized golf by giving every golfer the ability to access information previously available only to professional caddies and Tour players. These GPS golf units not only calculate distances to targets but can also store the data about previous shots for future reference.  Advanced golf GPS units can also calculate the distance traveled during your last shot, alert you to the presence of water hazards and bunkers and direct you to target locations.

Some of the more popular Golf GPS Systems include the SkyCaddie GPS Systems, Callaway uPro and the Garmin Approach 5.

The SkyCaddie was chosen by the PGA Learning Center and is the FIRST electronic measuring device approved for use during the Adams Golf Tight Lies Tour!  With the SkyCaddie s powerful GPS auto-targeting, you’ll get the absolute best course and distance information at your fingertips in seconds, anytime and anywhere on the golf course.

The Callaway uPro Golf GPS, for instance can provide you various perspectives of both the fairway and the green of the specific hole you’re playing.  Product Details: The Callaway uPro™ distance measuring device gives golfers the best of both GPS and Laser technologies in a sleek, user-friendly system.

The  Approach G5  golf companion GPS doubles as a digital scorecard for your foursome.  The  Garmin Approach G5  helps you zero in on the pin with Approach’s Green View.  The Garmin Approach G5 GPS golf   is tough, waterproofed, and boasts a large, brilliant, color touch screen.  The Garmin Approach G5 is durable ,compact, waterproof and it comes with a with 3-inch sunlight-readable touch screen and weighs in at just 6.

There are many different systems available and manufacturers continue to improve on the features and accuracy.  Pricing on GPS’s range from under $100 to over $500.  No matter what your budget there is a device that will fit.

For more information on Golf GPS Systems, click here.

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