Evolution of Golf Bags and Equipment

Updated: August 30, 2012
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golf bag photoYou may think that golf today is already what it is since the time it was established. In reality, this is not the case. Though golf clubs are present since time immemorial, golf supplies aren’t really that popular back then. If you will look at the list of people with golf bags today, you would be surprised that it took a long time before golfers ended up with a handy bag.

The game was first seen during the 15th century in Wartime Scotland. During that time, it was all leather balls and wooden stick. If not for this primordial versions of golf equipments during that time, we wouldn’t have the game as it is today being played by high caliber players like Tiger Woods. In the 1800s when the industrial revolution was taking place, two inventions became the landmark of the sport. One, a smooth surfaced golf ball became the predecessor of the dimpled balls that golfers now use. And secondly, during the 1880s, the very first golf bag was made.

Prior to the golf bags, caddies were made to lift everything through out the game. In fact, if you will look at the work of caddies today and compare them to the effort that they need to excel in the past; you will notice how efficient golf turned out to be. According to historians, “caddy” was first coined and appointed by the Queen of Scots in the late 16th century. An alternate origin of the word caddie can be seen on its Malay term Kati which simply means to collect leaves.

The very first golf bag was built 4.4 inches wide and 34.5 inches tall and made from canvas and leather. The metal top and bottom can also be seen on this early models and this went on until the 1930s. 1940s to 80s made a giant leap for the golf bags as more and more golfers made use of this item. More room and improved materials were implemented by the manufacturers during that time. You will also see regular features of cart friendly bags in this era of golf bag history.

During the 1990 and the present, golf bags have appeared to have evolved yet again. The present golf bags include room for electronic devices and they are typically made of high end polymers, plastic compounds and leathers. There are even solar paneled bags that recharge the batteries of electronic items.

Prior to 1880s, you see caddies to bring equipment of the golfers all through out. The beast of burden is the old name for caddies then. It was only during the 60s when people experienced having a golf cart to assist them for their game. There is no recorded history though of the first prominent golf professional who went for the golf bags but it is now true that every player is using a golf bag for their clubs.

Golfers today are buying golf bags not only to improve their game but to also give them the style they need. There are different styles that you can choose from including top notch materials that can definitely bring your A game to another level. It is also important that everything you need can be within reach when you have a golf club. This can now be possible as the newest bags are designed for electronic equipments from cameras to phones. Direct Golf supplying the latest golf bags at discount prices, is one of the best spots where hardcore golfers can get their items now. As for the cost of these items, you may be surprised how affordable items could get today especially online.

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