4 Tips On Combating Slow Play

Updated: August 14, 2011

If you’re like many golfers, you like to play at a steady pace. Playing this way keeps the game moving, keeps you focused and allows you to maintain a good rhythm.

Unfortunately, there are times when you encounter a slowdown in play. Rather than being able to play your shot as soon as you get to the ball, you have to wait to take your shot.

When this happens it can be irritating. If you allow this to happen, then slow play can cause your round to suffer.  If you use that delay between shots wisely, you can actually benefit from it.

Here are 4 free golf tips you can use when faced with slow play

  1. Decide on what type of shot you want to play.
  2. Choose which club is right for the shot.
  3. Practice the swing that is needed for the shot.
  4. Get focused on the results you want.

First, assess your situation and decide on what type of shot you want to hit.  Determine the proper flight path and your target. Are you going to play a draw or a fade?  Where do you want the ball to land and where will the ball stop?

Secondly, review the situation with regards to the wind, your lie, the distance and any other variables that will affect your shot.

Third, once you have assessed your shot, pick the appropriate club. Don’t second guess your choice unless something changes, like a change in wind direction.

Fourth, take the time to rehearse the shot.  Get a feel for the shot you are going to make. Be sure you don’t get caught up in the mechanics of the swing. Pick on specific key to focus on, like making sure that the start of your backswing is proper.

Take several practice swings visualizing the shot you are about to execute. When it’s your turn, take your stance, check your setup and take your swing.

Don’t let slow play ruin your round. Try the 4 free golf tips above; practice your shot while waiting and execute.  This will definitely produce better results in the end.


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