Golf Cars – What To Buy, New or Used?

Updated: October 26, 2012
Golf cart

golf cart photoThe ever so popular sport of golf has a special utility of golf cars. Many players necessitate golf cars to travel around the course while playing. The passion for the sport compel some to buy the golf carts, some go for the new ones and others opt to buy the used golf carts for sale. No matter you buy a used or a new golf car, the only thing to keep in mind is to inspect the car thoroughly before purchase.

When buying a new golf cart…

There are several dealerships offering golf cars for sale in every city. You just need to do a little research online or check your phone directory to grab contact details of the one located around you. Once you are there, just check the car inside out and see if everything is in perfect condition including the tires. A new golf car should be free from scratches, dents and other signs of wear and shouldn’t be used for more than a test drive. A new golf car is a costly purchase so, should be made very cautiously. Take a test drive like you do for other cars on the road to ensure that the coupe is smooth in riding.

Many golfers love to customize their golf car; this can be an added decal to the car or installing new wheels or a dashboard. You can also check out some amazing golf car accessories. Some modifications that are typical include cell phone chargers, windshields, ball cleaners and cooler trays. Mechanical and performance modifications may include motor upgrades, lift kits, speed controllers and custom wheels.

When buying a used golf cart…

Due to the pricing factor, many avid golfers look forward to purchase a used golf car for sale. Used golf carts can be bought through various dealerships or directly by the owners of the cart. An intense inspection is a must before buying these used carts. One should check the cart for the amount of wear, scratches, dents or any signs of an accident. As golf carts are expensive to buy, one must check the serial number plate on the car to ensure that it is not a stolen vehicle. You must note down the serial number and get it verified to get a fair idea of the history of the cart. This will also assist you in knowing that how old the vehicle is.

When determining the amount of usage of the golf car, do take into consideration the area in which it is located. A region with a long golfing season indicates that the golf car might have been used far more than the one located in some other region. To find a used golf car for sale is not that difficult. Check the local classified for the sale ads and do a bit of research online and list down the potential sellers.

One must keep his/her eyes open for some great deals!

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