Golf Outings and Cigars

Updated: April 17, 2012

cigarsCigars at golf outings just seem to go hand in hand. Every year I am invited to play in numerous golf outings and it never fails, there are many players who like to light up.

It doesn’t matter where I am or who I am playing with, cigars just seem to go hand and hand with golf outings.

Now I love to play golf and although I can proudly say that I no longer smoke, there is something appealing cohiba cigarsabout enjoying a nice Cohiba Vigoroso or Davidoff Millennium Churchill. These are two of my favorites when I am playing a scramble with my buddies.

Of course, the beer is flowing and the jokes and wise cracks are flying and I think it’s the whole atmosphere that just seems to make the day.

Throughout the history of golf, there have been professional golfers who have enjoyed smoking cigars during tournament play.  Although you don’t see it much on TV, there are still professionals that light up during their round.  If you have ever been to a golf tournament, you will see players and patrons alike enjoying a good cigar.

Most golf course pros shops carry a variety of cigars for the everyday golfer.  In our politically correct world, the golf course is still one place where cigars are permitted and enjoyed.  Let’s hope that never changes.

I look forward to my first scramble of the year and spending a few quality with my golf buddies enjoying a beautiful day on the golf course, putting our worries behind us and enjoying each others company and of course, some good cigars.



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