A Unique Approach to Golf Psychology

Updated: April 6, 2013

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Recently I had the opportunity to read a book by Roy Palmer called “Golf Sense – Practical Tips On How To Play Golf In The Zone”. I call it a unique approach to golf psychology and a must read for golfers of all levels.

When I started reading the book I was not sure what to expect. You see, Roy is not a golfer and has never really played the game.

I have read several different books over the years that have to do with golf psychology.  It is a very popular topic and I have found that, although I have learned a little something from each book, they were all basically the same.

You know, you have to visualize the shot, prepare your mind with your pre-shot routine and develop a trigger to get you into the moment and so on.  This is all very good information and will help the average golfer improve over time. The problem is, unless you understand exactly what all that means and how to apply it, you will never reap the benefits.

Needless to say, I was expecting a variation of these techniques in the books I had already read.  What I found was a completely different approach to golf psychology.  The more of the book I read the more I knew that there was gold in these pages.

Golf Sense Puts Your Mind and body in Sync

The interesting thing about Roy’s approach to developing a golf sense is that it is more about synchronizing both mind golf sense 2 photoand body than it is about visualization in the game of golf.

As I got further and further into the book, I found that I was stopping to take the time to understand and work with the experiments that Roy has outlined.

The thing that amazed me is learning more about recognizing little oddities in my normal everyday movements, which started me paying more and more attention to every adjustment I made.

We have heard of playing in “The Zone”.  Some of you may have even experienced this feeling, when you have hit the sweetest shot of your life.  When you look back on that shot, you realize that everything was perfectly in sync and completely effortless.

The experiments within the book at first seemed unorthodox, but with an open mind I followed Roy’s lead.  The results are worth it. You see, being in “The Zone” is more about being totally aware of your surroundings and all that is going on around you without trying to control any of it.

This may seem foreign, but believe me when I tell you that trying to control the outcome of a situation will always lead to complications.  The end result will end up being something less than what you had planned for.

I have only begun to apply some of this new found knowledge to my golf game, but I know that over time I will see a much improved performance on the golf course.  Even more exciting is realizing that practicing and applying the experiments in this book will not only help my golf game, but it will also help me with my day to day activities.

Golf Sense is a unique approach to golf psychology and I recommend this book to golfers of all levels.  If you are trying to get to the next level, then you must read this book.

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