A Balanced Approach to Your Game

Updated: August 31, 2011
balanced approach to your game

No matter if you are a beginner or a seasoned golfer, you recognize that Golf is a game that requires balance.

If you want to play consistently you must have balance in every aspect of your game.

• Your weight must be properly balanced across your feet.
• The movement in your body must be balanced.
• The way you swing your club must be balanced.

The thing is that balance actually goes further than your body.

You need to have balance not only in your body, but in your mindset too.

Often times, players get caught up in thinking about a missed shot or putt.  This leads to trouble. There’s nothing that can be done to correct it after it happens, yet we have a tendency to review it in our heads over and over.

You must put that shot out of your mind and focus on the shot you are playing.

Golf instructors teach us about proper weight distribution on our feet in our initial stance and during the swing.

Understanding this is important and needs to be addressed.  It is the first step to creating a consistent rhythmic swing. With the proper balance, you should be in control during the entire swing.

When you develop balance both in your mind and body, you will start striking the ball more consistently. Until you find your balance consistency will elude you.

Mental balance comes with practice too. The best part is you can practice it anywhere.  The first thing you need to do is develop a very short memory.

What I mean is, you have to be able to put a bad shot or a missed putt out of your mind.  If you carry that thought with you, it is going to affect you the rest of your round.

Take a few minutes out of your day to visualize playing a perfect round. Now don’t go goofy with this.  If you normally shoot in the 80’s, don’t see yourself shooting 18 under, it’s not real.

You need to see yourself calmly playing the round the way you want it to play out.  See your tee shot sailing into the air and landing in the fairway and so on.  The more you do this, the more you are conditioning your mind.

The toughest place on the golf course is the 5 inches between your ears.  Create the right mental picture and your game will improve.


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  1. Shelly Roberts

    November 17, 2011 at 05:26

    OMG. Really great tips. As a golfer I really proud of you dear. Here the content provided amazing ideas and excellent reflections. I truly amazed. Superb clarifications. Seems that highly input of you. Keep up the good suggestion. thanks! :)

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