Get More Power off the Tee with These 3 Swing Tips

Updated: February 4, 2012
golf swing tips

Generating power without losing accuracy can be a struggle for golfers.  Golfers are always looking for golf swing tips to get more power, distance and consistency.  Here are 3 golf swing tips to generate the power you see from the pros.

Spinal Rotation

Every time you swing the golf club, you rotate around your spine. What does this have to do with power?

Power is generated when you stabilize your hips to make a full backswing with spinal rotation.  Many golfers have heard of the X factor in the golf swing.  This basically refers to the difference between the movement in your hips and your spine during the golf swing.  By increasing your spinal rotation, you will release more power in your golf swing.

Core Based Exercises

Your body’s “core”, the area around your trunk and pelvis, is where your center of gravity is located. When you have good core stability, the muscles in your pelvis, lower back, hips and abdomen work in harmony. They provide support to your spine. The core is the power zone. It is where all movement begins. A well-developed core allows for improved force output, increased neuromuscular efficiency, and decreased incidence of overuse injuries. A weak core can make you susceptible to poor posture and injury.


Plyometrics are exercises where the muscle is contracted eccentrically then immediately, concentrically. OK, so what the heck does that mean?

Put simply, the muscle is stretched (i.e. loaded) before it is contracted. A good example is medicine ball horizontal twists and standing golf swings. According to a recent study published in the National Strength and Conditioning Association’s (NSCA) journal, amateur golfers significantly increased their driving distances after just eight weeks of strength training while incorporating Plyometrics.

This meant that their driving distance increased 4.3% for the combined training group, with the average club head speed increasing by 1.5%.

Once you start to incorporate these 3 golf swing tips into your exercise program, you’ll never be concerned about your driving distance or power generation again.


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One Comment

  1. Troy Vayanos

    February 25, 2012 at 17:19

    I do roman twists at my fitness class most weeknights. They really help work the abdominal muscles which assist with creating a strong core.

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