Golf Technology

Updated: September 19, 2011

There is a lot of technology that goes in to the development of many golf products. From golf clubs to golf balls, there is more technological input than in any other sport.

We often wonder where it might end, but there is a lot more exciting developments yet to come.

Imagine never having to worry about losing your golf ball again, unless of course it lands in a water hazard.

GPS tracking might be the next step to help you find your golf ball no matter where you might hit it.

There is golf technology available to embed devices into golf balls so they can be tracked via GPS.

There will be the inevitable increase in price but think of all the money that you could save by never losing a ball again.

If you consider the number of golf balls that are recovered on golf courses every week, this alone could add up to a substantial savings for the average golfer.

As devices become smaller and smaller their applications become more plausible with items such as balls that can be tracked.

There would be a market for such a ball, and where there is a demand someone will certainly be there to supply it sooner or later.

With advances in golf club designs we might all be driving as far as the Pros of today.  With help by the constant development of golf balls that are easier to hit and travel further in the process, there is no limit to what might happen.

There is one thing that will always make golf a continuous challenge that we will never fully master and that is the human factor.

We can have all the best golf clubs, golf balls, shoes and more and still make a mess of the simplest shot.

And that is why so many people all around the world go out week after week and try to master the game.

The advancements in golf technology are great, but if you are to improve your game, your swing must improve too.


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