Golf Tips for Beginners- Eliminate Your Slice

Updated: June 10, 2011
Golf Tips for beginners - Eliminate your slice


When you are a beginner it takes time to learn the nuances of the game. In golf, it takes time to develop a consistent repeatable swing.  Most new golfers struggle to hit the ball straight.  The natural tendency is to hit a slice.

For some, this is an issue that they will deal with for many years, if not for their entire life as a golfer.  This does not have to be the case, there are golf tips for beginners and seasoned golfers alike that will help you correct and even eliminate your slice.

Here are 6 golf tips for beginners to eliminate your slice.

The Grip – Everything begins with your grip.  Your grip is the only place where you are in contact with the club.  Take time to review your grip.  If your grip is flawed, then your chances of hitting a good solid shot are greatly reduced.  The proper grip is referred to as a neutral grip.  This is when the “Vs” formed by the thumb and forefinger on each hand is pointing towards the right shoulder.

Pressure – Another part of having the proper grip has to do with pressure. When you grip the golf club, your grip should be tight enough to control the golf club, but so tight that your muscles are bulging.  Think of holding a tube of toothpaste.  A light grip will not cause the toothpaste to come out of the tube, but grip a just a bit tighter and the toothpaste will start oozing out.  Grip the golf club tight enough to hold it, but not so tight as to cause the toothpaste to ooze out.

Setup – Alignment is so important if you are going to hit the golf ball where you want it to go. You need to have your body aligned with your target line.  In other words, you should have your shoulders, hips, knees, and feet lined up parallel to the target line.

A good way to learn how this looks and feels is when you practice.  You can lay a golf club down so that the shaft is pointing down the target line. Use this club shaft to help you set up your stance.  When you set up the toes of your feet will line up on the shaft and your hips and shoulders should also align with that shaft.

Use the club that you are going to hit shots with to verify that your body is lined up along that line.  It is important that you develop a feel for proper body alignment.  I also like to pick a spot just in front of the ball as an additional guide point.  If none is available, take a broken or spare tee and stick in the ground a couple of inches in front of your ball.

Ball Position – Ball position will change slightly depending on the golf club, so we will talk about how the ball should be aligned when you are hitting a driver.  When you are hitting a driver the golf ball should be lined up just inside you left instep.

The Backswing – The backswing should be a one piece takeaway.  Look at the way your arms and shoulders form a triangle. You should start your backswing by turning the entire triangle in one piece allowing your body to swivel at the hips.

Be sure to avoid allowing your wrists to break too early in the backswing. Allow your wrists to hinge naturally as you continue your backswing.

Stability – You need to have a stable stance with balance throughout the entire swing.  I like to picture myself standing inside a large barrel.  There is enough room for me to fit inside and rotate my body, but not enough for me to sway forward or backward.  This is the way your body should be during the swing.

Use your right leg as a brace.  This does not mean that you stiffen it so much that you can’t make a good turn, but instead, keep your right leg firmly in place so it can support the swing.


Work with these golf tips for beginners and eliminate your slice.

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