GolfBuddy Voice GPS Rangefinder Review

Updated: September 17, 2012
GolfBuddy Voice GPS Rangefinder

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GolfBuddy Voice GPS Rangefinder

The GolfBuddy Voice GPS Rangefinder is the first Golf GPS system that will tell you distances. It’s so small you can put anywhere including on your hat.

All you really need when playing golf is your distance and the GolfBuddy does just that.  This baby is exactly what you need without all the hassles of changing screens and configuring score cards.

If you tired of chasing down yardage markers and pacing off your distance (not the most accurate) or fiddling with a complicated GPS system, then the GolfBuddy Voice GPS Rangefinder is what you need.

Check out what GolfBuddy Voice GPS users have to say…

On a whim I bought this because the other range finders I used were either too bulky, too complicated, too high mainenance, or too hard to read. All I want is my distance so I can select my club. I don’t want to have to remember to load the course, or pack batteries. I can’t comfortably wear most of them on my belt and the watch ones are huge!

(I have enough trouble with golf glove tan without adding watch tan.) This product solves all those issues. I wear it on my shirt and can choose to hit the button and have her tell me the distance or I can look at the display. Accuracy has been excellent. It automatically finds the course and announces the hole I am on. A charge will get you through 36 holes. It will give you distance to front, middle, or back and will also measure a shot distance. It is super easy to use! LOVE IT.

I love my Golf Buddy Voice GPS. With my other range finder I had to download the course, put it in a cup holder on the golf cart, carry it with me if I walked away from the cart, etc. My golf buddy, I turn it on, clip it onto my visor and I’m set for 18. No downloading courses, no yearly fees, no remembering to carry it around. I love this GolfBuddy Voice GPS.


But not great. It does find the course fairly fast but it just gives you the yardage, period. So why is it priced so high? Not new technology anything. Look, I thinks it’s just fine but if it were $50 or $75 I might give it 5 stars but for this price you aren’t getting much.

Also on small muni courses where the fairways run back and forth parallel to each other if you hook or slice a little it will switch to the wrong hole. And that’s when you need the distance the most. In your own fairway there are enough makers and such to give you a pretty good idea how far out you are.

I like the thing but it is just too overpriced for what it is does. Just not a lot of value that I see. I have one , I’ll keep it but I would guess the price will come down to $100 or maybe less and then it will be a better value.


I wanted a GPS that was easy to use and didn’t give me information overload. After reading a lot of negative reviews about other gps devices I decided to give this a try. It was amazing. It charged with no trouble, found my course in seconds, never got lost on the course and was accurate to a yard or two. What more could you ask for? Completly happy with this device. Also, it is loud enough to hear even when you are as deaf as me.

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  1. Golf Simulator

    October 2, 2012 at 06:31

    impress by this device. really to play golf easily and improve our performance we need device like this

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