Have Your Own Professional Golfer With You on the Course

Updated: March 23, 2013

golf grip interlocking photoHave you ever taken the time to review how you played after a round of golf? If you played poorly, did you take time to analyze what went wrong and why? Wouldn’t it be nice to have your own professional golfer with you on the golf course?

Many amateur golfers will be surprised to know that most of their problems can be attributed to the way they were holding their clubs.

You may be able to relate to the scenario I am about to describe.

When you hit a bad shot you tell yourself that your next shot has to be better. Your thoughts start to play tricks on you and you start feeling pressure to make sure you recover from the last shot.

When this happens it tends to create more problems. As you tense up, your grip tends to get a bit tighter.

Tension has a tendency to make us do that.

Because your grip has gotten a bit tighter, your arm muscles tighten and this restricts your swing and you lose some control.

Now your shots start going in all directions and so the tension builds ever more, until you look at your knuckles and they are white from the pressure.

If your clubs had to breathe you would have strangled them to death by now.

I had a playing partner who has a list of ‘swing thoughts’ he would turn to when his game started to fall apart. At the top of that list was ‘don’t strangle your clubs’.

You are probably thinking this is a no brainer, but this little reminder was all it took to get his game back on track. Think about it, by just reducing the tension in his grip, his game recovered and the rest of the round was salvaged.grip4 photo

Having a few written guidelines worked so well for him that I started using it and sharing this with others.
It is like having your own personal golf pro walking with you and giving you instructions when things start to go wrong.

Having a list of reminders to focus on is a powerful weapon to have when you need it. The next time your golf game starts going south, just pull out your list of ‘swing thoughts’ and put your game back on track.

Next time you play golf, be sure to have your own professional golfer on the course with you.

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  1. Golf Shop

    December 9, 2009 at 19:24

    thank for the tips out here,You may be able to relate to the scenario

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