Helpful Golf Tips from the Pros for Beginners

Updated: October 29, 2012
Beginners golf tips

golf tips 215x300 photoGolf Tips from the Pros for Beginners

There is a saying that in order to be the best, you have to learn from the best. That applies practically in every aspect and life and more so when it comes to the world of sports. And in the game of golf, such an adage brings much wisdom that can potentially take ones skills and game to the next level. So if you are a novice in the game of golf or an amateur who is flirting with the idea of taking the game to a much serious level, then better check out these helpful nuggets of wisdom courtesy of the pro golfers that you have followed and idolized.

Formal lessons work

The game of golf requires a lot of patience and determination, and that includes learning the fundamentals of the game and having the basics embedded into the core of your game in order to build a solid foundation. The best way to do that is to take some golf lessons where you will be able to learn methodically and improve discipline as well. There are a lot of golf lessons available out there and some of them are being taught by former pros who really know the ins and outs of the sport. A good investment, no doubt.

Extending your lessons in the range

But learning golf lessons should not only be limited when in front of an instructor as you can also learn by yourself and in some cases, from the pros themselves if you go to the driving range. There, you will be able to practice long shots, putts and all the other drives that you need to brush up on and develop and sometimes, there will be pro golfers who may even approach you and give you some advice on how to improve.

Don’t make room for intimidation

Beginner who are only getting the hang of the game and playing in the golf course along with other golfers who are more seasoned and experienced often tend to feel the pressure and intimidation which prompts them to rush their shots in order to accommodate other golfers. Don’t ever let that happen. Take all the time that you need in taking your shots and let the others know that you are still a beginner and you need time in taking your shots in order for you to improve. Make no room for any form of intimidation.

Pay extra attention on grip and putting

Two of the most important aspects in a golfer’s game are his grip of the golf club and the way he putts. Pay extra attention on these two by allotting more time practicing your putting and being mindful of how you grip your clubs and drivers. You can read on golfing magazines or ask your instructor to guide you in finding the proper grip that fits you best.

There are many other lessons to be learned that will benefit you and your game and bring you to the next level. Just keep on learning and try to grab every opportunity of learning from the pros and the masters any time you can.


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