How Can I Perfect My Golf Swing?

Updated: April 3, 2013
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How can I perfect my golf swing?  This question is probably the most asked question by the average golfer.  Don’t feel bad, it is also the question that most professional golfers ask too.

While watching the US Open last week, I couldn’t help but notice how often the commentators talked about little nuances in a players swing.

With all the practice and preparation that these professional golfers put into preparing for tournament play, you have to wonder why they have similar golf swing issues to the ones amateur golfers deal with.

You have to ask, is there a perfect golf swing?

From my experience, there is no exact perfect golf swing. Yes, there are golf swing mechanics that you need to learn in order to have a good golf swing.  The thing is, there are no two people that swing a golf club the same way.

Why is this you ask?  The answer is simple; there are no two people that are exactly alike.  Not even twins!So again, the question is; “How can I perfect my golf swing?”

Depending on who you ask, there will be a myriad of answers.  If you listen too long, you will get so confused that you will wonder if you ever knew how to swing a golf club.  I know, I have been there and done that.

So how does the average golfer improve their golf swing and in the process, lower their golf scores and their handicap?

You could go out and hire a professional instructor and pay hundreds of dollars.  For most amateur golfers, that is just not feasible.  The costs are too high and the time involved would be restrictive.

Oh, don’t get me wrong, for those who can afford the cost and the time, this is a good solution.  This is just not the case for that average weekend golfer.

I have found that there are some great programs available that are easy to understand and implement.  For about the cost of a round of golf, you can get valuable help from a teaching professional.  The best part is, by investing in a program like this, you have the lessons at your finger tips.  You can review and study them whenever you feel the need without having to pay for another lesson.

Rather than trying to answer the question; “How can I perfect my golf swing?” I suggest that you work on developing a simple golf swing that you can depend on.  In my quest for a better golf swing, I came across the Simple Golf Swing eBook and found it to be very helpful.


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