Improve Your Game with Simple Golf Warm Up Exercises

Updated: October 17, 2011
simple golf warmup exercise

simple golf warmup exercise photoImprove Your Game with Simple Golf Warm Up Exercises

Golf warm up you say? Are you one of those who rush to the course, pull out the BIG DOG, take a few hacks at it and start your round? Is that what you do?

Come on be honest with yourself. If that is your approach, what is the result you get on the first tee? I’ll bet it isn’t par! Am I wrong?

I don’t mean to be too much sarcastic, but I want to get your attention to the importance of doing golf warm up exercises so you avoid those big numbers on the first few holes.

Are you with me? Good.

Now let’s talk as if you are an athlete for a moment. It’s time to re-live those glory days one more time.

Can you remember back in the day when you had a game, a track meet or some other competition? Did you run out on the field or court and start playing your sport?

I can almost guarantee you didn’t…

Instead you took time to do some sport-specific warm up exercises, didn’t you?

Well, then why aren’t you doing some before you tee off?  Ouch, that hurts, but I gotcha, didn’t I?

You should definitely be warming up.  I don’t mean just hitting the range to pound some balls either. Actually, that’s probably the worst thing you can do. What you need to do is take a few minutes to do some warm up exercises so you can prepare your muscles to perform at the optimum level.

Can you picture your golf swing with all the movement that is made?  Your shoulders are very active during the golf swing.  Don’t you think you should take time to exercise that area of your body?

What about your posture? Well, you bend at the waist and put some tension on your lower back, your hamstrings and your gluteus maximus. So it might be a good idea for you to do a couple of warm up exercises for those areas too.

Have I convinced you yet?

If not, then just carry on with your routine.  You can expect the same results and if that’s OK with you, so be it. I hate to sound negative, but if you are really trying to improve then I suggest you take a serious look at golf warm up exercises.

The next time you head out to the golf course for a round; consider doing some basic golf warm up exercises before you tee off.  You body and your game will thank you for it!

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One Comment

  1. Geena

    October 18, 2011 at 03:30

    I do stretch whenever I play golf because it makes me tire easily when I didn’t do that.

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