Instructions on How to Swing a Golf Club – Golf Swing Speed

Updated: March 11, 2010

Golf Swing Speed – Instructions on How to Swing a Golf Club

Golf Swing Speed, usually referred to as timing, is one of the most misunderstood golf swing mechanics discussed. So let’s talk about what timing a golf swing really means.

Timing a golf swing is when you swing the golf club back to the golf ball as your hips turn to clear out of the way. The reason your hips have to clear out of the way is to allow the club head to return to the golf ball squarely at impact and then follow through and wrap around you. This is the function of timing a golf swing.

How do you determine if your golf swing speed is your issue?

There are times when you may have gone to the golf course and hit the ball beautifully, solid, straight to the right.

This is an indication that your timing was off enough to cause the golf ball to travel right of your target. This was caused because your hips were rotating out of the way to quickly and not allowing your golf club to return to square at contact.

To correct this you need to slow the turning of your hips to allow the golf club more time return to the golf ball before clearing out completely.

There are times when you may have felt like you were swinging beautifully, everything was in sync, but the golf ball traveled to the left of your target.

Again, this is a timing issue in your swing. This is caused by your hips not rotating enough as your golf club makes impact with the golf ball. Your natural tendency is to rotate your hips during your follow through causing you to pull the ball to the left.

How do you correct your golf swing speed issues and get your timing back?

This is a difficult question to answer and one of the most sought after in the game of golf.

Start with your pitching wedge. If you are not hitting your pitching wedge solidly, then you are probably not hitting any of your other clubs solid either.

The favorite club in my bag is my pitching wedge. I find that going out to the driving range and spending time hitting nothing but pitching wedges has helped me to get my timing back.

Your favorite club may be your driver and you’re driving the ball beautifully. If this is the case, then you should go hit a thousand drivers to get your timing back.

One thing is for sure, practicing with the golf club you are struggling with will not help. Avoid practicing with that club until you have gotten your timing back on track.

Whatever golf club feels the most comfortable in your hands is the one you need to practice with. Work with that club to improve your golf swing speed.

Next time you feel that your timing is off, try the instructions on how to swing a golf club and get your golf swing speed back on track.

Take control of your golf swing speed and improve your golf game with the Simple Golf Swing.

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