P3ProSwing Pro Package for Clubs

Updated: October 23, 2011
P3 Pro Swing Pro Package for Clubs

  • Golf Swing Analyzer for Home or Business
  • Two 18-hole Custom Designed Virtual Golf Courses
  • Fully Upgradeable Technology
  • Great Value!

Product Description

The P3ProSwingTM is a leading instruction tool, giving highly accurate data of your club before, at and after impact with the ball. Used with any club in your bag, the P3ProSwingTM is a complete swing analysis system for golfers of all levels.

Best of all, the P3ProSwing evolves into an advanced Golf Simulator, including multiple course play with the P3ProSwing Virtual Course Packs. P3ProSwingTM analyzer consists of a 9″ x 14″ high tech sensing platform and software program that measures and captures the information from 65 optical elements to create an instant visual representation of your swing data.

The P3ProSwing provides a full range of information to help you understand the mechanics of your club through your swing and the resulting ball flight calculations. You will receive dynamic swing analysis that will give you an accurate, objective, and scientific analysis of each swing that you take whether on the driving range or the back nine.


5.0 out of 5 stars excellent product, July 31, 2011

This review is from: P3ProSwing Pro Package for Clubs (Sports)

Great support. Very accurate. A lot of bang for your buck. Integrates ($200 for the program) with vector launch systems (except for proswing virtual courses). Makes for fun winter golf if you have an appropriate inside location and the virtual courses.One virtual course comes with the program. You will want to check out the prices on add’l virtual courses.

Awesome game improvement device!!!, September 5, 2011

This review is from: P3ProSwing Pro Package for Clubs (Sports)

I started playing golf about a year ago. My goal after a year of playing was to break 100. This is one of the best investments I have ever made towards improving my golf skills. I’ve tried golf lessons and have hit thousands of golf balls in the last 12 months and have only averaged a score of 110-120. When my P3proswing arrived, I set it up in seconds and began hitting my clubs on the virtual range. Instantly my slices turned into draws and I began to hit staighter and longer.

After three one hour sessions with the P3pro virtual range, I decided to hit the real range and play a round with friends. Incredible!!! My ball flight/direction was consistant and more accurate then ever. My first two rounds, I shot a 100. My third round out I shot a 96! This is all within about a week after my short driving range sessions with the P3proswing! This machine has helped me shave over 10 strokes off my average score in less than a week.

In conclusion, I think the real reason this device has helped me is that it gives me instant/accuate feed back after every stroke using scientific data. For example, swingspeed, face angle, path, where the club impacts the ball etc. There have been several times I have gone to the range either by myself or with a pro and have hit slice after slice feeling frustrated about how much the lessons/balls cost and all the pro would tell me is fix your stance, grip, and do not keep your club face open.

The P3proswing allows you to practice in the privacy of your own garage and improve your game quickly without feeling pressure getting nervous hitting in front of someone or other people at the range. I am looking forward to see how low my score will continue to get withing the next few weeks. Going from scoring in the 115′s to being in the 90′s is absolutely incredible only after using the P3proswing three times!!! I highly recommend the P3proswing to any beginner/intermediate player who wants to shoot lower scores. An advanced player could use this to keep up their swing in the winter months.

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