Simple Golf Tips for Beginners – Playing a Fade or Draw

Updated: November 20, 2010
Fade or Draw

Having the ability to work the ball as a fade or a draw is a huge advantage when playing golf.  Like most golfers, I started out with a fade.  It wasn’t my intention; it was just the way the golf ball traveled.  For a while I just tried to work with the fade, but the more I tried to compensate for it, the worse it got.

Finally out of frustration, I started to look for the cause of my fade and a way to correct it.  When I did figure out, not only did I fix my slice, I learned how to play a draw.

I want to share with you the adjustments I have learned to make to be able to draw the golf ball, hook the golf ball, or fade or slice the golf ball on purpose.

This way when you are out on the golf course you will have a better understanding of how to work the ball.

Knowing how to play a draw or a fade will give you an advantage when faced with a dogleg right or a dogleg left.  You’ll also know how to work the ball when you have to deal with a crosswind.

Try these simple golf tips for playing a Fade or Draw

Playing a Draw – Go through your normal routine.  Aim your golf ball further to the right than you would for a straight shot.

Use a stronger grip than your normal neutral grip.  Do this by turning your hands just a bit to the right. Doing this helps encourage the clubface to roll over a bit putting right to left spin on the ball.  Don’t overdo it.  A small change is all you need.

Make sure that your shoulders, knees and hips are aimed to the right.  I like to set my right foot back just a bit, maybe a half inch or so, just for comfort.

This will have the golf club swing a little bit more underneath you from the inside.

Playing a Fade – Again, go through your normal routine. With a fade you want to aim a little further to the left of where you normally would for a straight shot.

With a fade you want to your grip to be a bit on the weak side of neutral.  You do this by turning your hands over to the left just a bit.  Again, do not overdo it.

By doing this you will delay the clubface from closing, causing it to return a bit open than normal.  Now when you make contact with the ball you will put some left to right spin on it and you will hit a fade.


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