• simple golf warmup exercise

    Improve Your Game with Simple Golf Warm Up Exercises

    Golf warm up you say? Are you one of those who rush to the course, pull out the BIG DOG, take a few hacks at it and start your round? Is...

  • free golf tips

    Correcting Swing Problems

    Whether you've been playing golf for years or a beginner, you have the ability to be your own teacher. By watching your shots, you can determine and correct your flaws.

  • Golf Position

    4 Proper Golf Swing Tips

    Golfers seem to have an unlimited supply of golf swing advice. When reading golf magazines, they are full of tips for a proper golf swing.I have found that while all the...

  • 6 Free Golf Tips | Improve Your Putting

    6 Tips on How To Improve Your Putting

    One of the most embarrassing things to any golfer is missing that short putt for birdie or par. What I have found is that most of the time this is caused...

  • golf clubs

    How To Care For Your Golf Clubs

    Perhaps the most expensive equipment you’ll ever buy are your golf equipment. Yet even after ponying up a chunk of change for them, most golfers don’t look after their golf equipment...

  • gpsgolfbuddy

    Golf Technology

    There is a lot of technology that goes in to the development of many golf products. From golf clubs to golf balls, there is more technological input than in any other...

  • Iron Shot Annika

    6 Tips On How To Hit Clean Iron Shots

    Golfers, no matter what their level of play, are always looking for a way to improve their game. In order to score well, you must hit good iron shots. Unfortunately, for...

  • Golf Mind Set

    Golf Mindset- The Game Most Important Key

    In order to play your best, you must be focused. Jokingly, I have always said, “Golf is 80% mental and the other 20% is in your head”.

  • Golf Training Aid | TaylorMade TR3 Speed Stik

    Wonderful product! I did not buy on amazon so I can't speak to anything but the product itself. It makes warming up mush easier and faster, and has dramatically improved my...

  • golf swing tips

    Concentrate on Your Golf Accuracy

    Many golfers have one thing in mind when they play golf. Basically, they are looking to hit ball as far as possible. The think that so many don’t recognize...

  • Golf Tips for beginners - Eliminate your slice

    6 Tips On How To Eliminate Your Slice

    6 Free Golf Tips | Eliminate Your Slice Many golfers are continually trying to eliminate the slice in their swing. Golfers will try just about anything to keep their ball in...

  • Plugged Lie

    3 Tips To Keep Your Round Moving

      Have you ever been stuck playing one of those marathon rounds?  The pace of play was so slow that it seemed like you were never going to get off the...

  • Bunker Shot

    Fairway Bunker Play is easy

    Improving your fairway bunker play is easier than you may think. Try these 5 tips the next time you are in a fairway bunker.As with most amateur golfers, bunker shots have...

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