Understanding the Golf Swing

Updated: January 27, 2013
Understand the golf

by Paul Jacobs

A powerful and accurate golf swing is the dream of every golfer but the basics of the golf swing are not difficult to master or understand and are possible even for newcomers to the game.

As most professionals will tell you, the basic golf swing is the foundation of your game. It is a complex athletic motion involving every major muscle group but it is in effect a simple and straightforward procedure, and certainly one that is often made overly complicated by many players. Even though it is a physically demanding movement for the human body, mastering a golf swing is not as difficult as most people think.

A good golf swing is actually made up of a series of movements, each of which positions the club correctly and leads to increased power in the golf swing which is then translated to clubhead speed. The golf swing is like a chain of motion involving all the parts of the body and a sound swing is attainable, but you have to go down the right path to find it.

One of the first things you should do to help develop a proper golf swing is to relax. Relaxation will help you to develop better balance within your body and so assist in the development of a repeatable swing and a consistent swing path. This consistency in the golf swing is what you should aim to achieve because it is where most players fail.

You should also work on perfecting your grip on the club. With a poor grip it doesn’t matter how good your swing is because it’s unlikely you’ll ever hit the ball squarely on a consistent basis. The combination of an improved grip and a better, more relaxed swing will give a massive boost to your scores and your handicap. Basically, improve your grip and you’ll improve your golf swing.

It is worth remembering that each players golf swing is as unique as the person holding the club. Before you can effectively improve your golf swing you will need to understand precisely what it is you are doing wrong in your swing and then work hard to correct it. Unfortunately, in many instances it will be difficult to work out what this is on your own so you may need help to spot the problem areas so you can then work to improve it.

You can also improve the timing of your golf swing, but not by staying at home watching golf on television. Get yourself out on the course or the driving range, get the help you need to spot what you can improve, and work hard to improve it. The effort will be worth it!

The perfect golf swing is a beautiful fluid motion and the primary action of any golf game so it’s no surprise that every golfer is constantly working to improve it. Tiger Woods’ golf swing is the most powerful and accurate swing in professional golf today. Use his (or any other professional golfer’s) swing as a benchmark of what can be done, and get out there and improve your own golf swing and your handicap.

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