Your Best Golf Swing Is Still Ahead

Updated: December 31, 2011
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golf swing tips 210x300 photoYour best golf swing is achievable.

If you’re like most golfers, you’ve been on the hunt for your best golf swing for a long time.  If I had to guess, you’ve been at it as long as you have been playing golf.

The question is… “have you found it yet?”  If not, and I again would guess not, it’s probably time to take a different approach to achieve it.

We all know that swing mechanics are very high on the list.  And to achieve this takes a general understanding of the golf swing.  You don’t have to become a fanatic to learn proper swing mechanics, but if you don’t have a clue, you might want to get a book or take a lesson from a credible teaching pro.

When it comes to developing your best golf swing, equipment doesn’t even come into play.  Remember…we are talking about your golf swing, not distance or power.

The approach you need to take to finally get your best golf swing is one that is focused on “your machine”.  You!  Your body dictates how effective your swing mechanics will be.

Do you agree?

When you have physical limitations such as lack of core strength or tight hamstrings; it will be virtually impossible to make your best golf swing on the course.  You may hit a good one every 10 or so swings, but you won’t be able to consistently repeat it for 18 holes.

Every golfer has his/her own limitations they need to find out about.  One person could be very tight from a golf flexibility standpoint, and the next person could have weak shoulder muscles and can’t control the club at the top of the backswing.

Getting a physical assessment specific to golf is your first step in achieving your best golf swing.  Once you recognize what your limitations are, you can devise a program to improve them.

Now you’re on your way to a repeatable swing that holds up for 18 holes and under pressure too!  The minute you decide to work on “your machine”, you won’t look back.  You will become a powerful and very accurate golfer, who is beating the pants off the rest of the players in your foursome.

Golf will become enjoyable again!

You will no longer be in search of your best golf swing!

There is an simple way to improve your golf swing and your game.  Check out the Simple Golf Swing TODAY!

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One Comment

  1. Troy Vayanos

    January 5, 2012 at 14:19

    Yes it’s interesting I have coached a few friends lately at the driving range and noticed the different levels of flexibility they both had. One was able to take the club back to parallel and the the could only manage 2/3 of the way back. The key is identifying this and working with what you have or improving your current situation to enable your best possible golf swing.


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